The fees vary depending on the class and the number of lessons in the term. Fees for the current term are available here. Fees should be paid in the first two weeks of the term, except in the case of new pupils. If a pupil attends more than one class each week then a reduced fee is paid for the additional classes.
New Pupils
When a new pupil joins, the first two lessons are designated as trial lessons and are free of charge. If the pupil decides to continue after this, a reduced fee is payable depending on the number of weeks left in the current term. 
Examinations and Presentations
Pupils have the opportunity to enter Royal Academy
of Dance presentations and graded examinations if they wish. There is no pressure on pupils to enter examinations if they don't want to. An extra lessons may be required prior to examination - there is usually no charge for these. In some cases coaching classes are also required for which there is a small additional fee.
Range of Classes
There are a number of different classes: pre-school, pre-primary, primary and grade classes. Entry to classes is dependant on a combination of age and ability. 
Class Times
All classes currently take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and evenings and Saturday mornings. Pupil numbers have been on the increase over the last few years and so additional classes are being added all the time. When you register, details of your child's class times will be communicated to you. A list of the current class times are available here.
Class Locations
Most classes take place in a variety of locations in Witney: at Ceewood Hall in Tower Hill and at Davenport Road Methodist Church. There are also occasional classes in Hailey and Combe. There are maps showing the location of all venues on the location page, together with parking information.
Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre classes with our sister company Spotlight Musical Theatre currently take place on Saturdays at Ceewood Hall. There is a reduced fee for the first term of lessons. Additionally payment for the first term is not required until the third week of lessons so your child can try the classes for the first two weeks under no obligation.
Privacy Policy
The Windrush School of Ballet operate a strict privacy policy that can be viewed here.